The Holiday Season provides Genuine Moments to Be MOST Grateful

by Kimberly Eve

The world is full of the good, but also the bad. We have so many moments of happiness, but always have to deal with those that are full of sadness. We cannot get around that.

So this time of year, no matter what faith, religion or practice you follow, is a time when you have to look outside of yourself, see the world for all its glory, its magic, its beauty, and realize that every part of it matters. 

Be grateful for what you have, and even what you do not. 

Smile at every stranger you walk past. 

Hold that door for every soul that walks beside you. 

Take a moment of true patience, and breathe before you proceed on your journey today.

Marvel in all that the world has to offer, even if it’s beyond your reach. There is still magic to be had!

From my family to yours, I wish you the most amazing Holiday Season!

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